Agent 005 of MI6, Adam Crawford, is sent on a mission to the small town of Lima, Ohio to observe and then retrieve rogue agent Blaine Anderson, a traitor to the United Kingdom. But things get complicated when he finds Agent 007 entangled with an enigmatic high school hacker by the name of Kurt Hummel. James Bond AU.

A teaser for the amazing inkystar's upcoming story which I got the absolute honour of creating a cover for.

"We can’t get close enough!"

"The ladder’s shredded, they won’t be able to reach it!"

"God damni- Mike, throw it as far as you can! Kurt, Tina, you’re gonna have to jump!"

"What?! We’ll never make it!"

"Kurt, they’re coming, we have to get out of here!"

"Shit - fine,grab my hand and we’ll run on 3.
1, 2, 3!”

Right, so I have no writing skills whatsoever, but I’ve had this really dramatic/adventurous sequence stuck in my head all day, so I drew it (part of it, anyway) instead. Also, I finally got around to designing the hot air balloon (aka the Blackbird), yay!

I’m waaayyy too invested in this AU, but meh, what’re you gonna do, right?


Right. so, sylarsushicat did a piece back in september, where she mashed up two agreeably awesome things, The Vlogbrothers and Phineas and Ferb. And since I can’t stay away from an amazing concept, I did my own rendition! I take no credit for the original idea, but who can resist a mix of two incredibly smart and entertaining brothers and their adorable pet (who is a secret agent. Bubbles/Willy, I’m looking at you).?

Based on this post (not my idea!):

"To Kurt, amortentia would smell like coffee with two sugar and one cream, it would smell like pine trees and the crisp morning air of a winter day, it would smell like cinnamon and winter.

And, no matter how much he wanted to deny it, it would always smell like that stupid raspberry hairgel.”

"To Blaine, it would smell like clean laundry, the warm, dusty scent of a brightly-lit stage, hairspray, piano keys, and mocha."

We’ll just go ahead and pretend that Gryffindor and Ravenclaw share protions class when they’re tought about amortentia 

I have slightly mixed feelings about how it turned out, but the idea behind it was too sweet to pass up :)

It’s been like, a month since I last posted any drawings welp

Some (verrry messy) sketches of Hogwarts!Kurt (and bonus Tina) from today. I’m so sorry, I’m no good with drawing when I’m sick, so instead I over-compensate with thoughts and head-canons which I don’t know if anyone would be interested in, but yeah.. The quick version:

  • Kurt would be the quirkiest of all wizards (think of all the hat and accessory possibilities!)
  • I settled on Ravenclaw mainly after I got the ‘Pottermore’ insight about the aspects of the house - which is also where I geeked out and decided to make him a wand
  • Kurt practices his charms by helping Tina (fellow Ravenclaw) colour her hair after class
  • His patronus is a bottle-nosed dolphin (not a Brittany reference, but cute nonetheless) - Dolphins are generally known to be active and intelligent, but can be extremely aggressive and protective - the bottle-nosed dolphin is the one most commonly used for performance